Know This If You Want To Be Better At Driving In Golf

If there is a problem with our blows, for example, from the last game that blows the driver with a lot of slices, of course, the driver that slices into a large portion of our time on the driving range, 50% of the time and the ball we use to correct the driver’s blows golf savers. Aside from that, check out the excellent bangkok golf course whenever you’re in Thailand.

Do not forget to have to use a coach or senior friend with a small number of people, because almost impossible we know our mistakes without being seen by others. It is recommended to be recorded using the camera/tab/cellphone, so it can be seen along with the errors and the results of the repair
If you need to go to the driving range, just take 3 to 5 sticks, so that you focus, if I usually bring 5 sticks.

Drivers (who are repaired and must be trained, because they involve prestige issues and the key to success at the beginning of the game if the driver doesn’t slice into the forest or mentally pools down. The important thing is straight to the target, 10 meters left / right target), iron 7 (standard represents long & medium iron), P iron (100an meter short iron game which is required to be accurate in direction & distance) wedge 58 / S (the weapon for the chip accurately approaches the pin).
Putter (victory key weapon … target distance 2 down 80% one put & above 2 meter 80% 2 put).

Driving Routine / Tune Up (at least once a week)

However, if it’s just Driving Routine or tune up all the components are checked and trained. But still multiply short game training, for example, 200 balls:

  • 20% or 40 balls for chipping distances below 50 try to approach the flag distance 40 30 20 10.
  • 20% or 40 balls for chipping 50 to 80 meters.
  • 20% or 40 balls for 90 to 110 chip spacing.
  • 10% or 20 balls for iron 9 8 7.
  • 10% or 20 balls for long iron 6 & 5.
  • 10% or 20 balls for wood 3 5 7.
  • 10% or 20 balls for drivers.
  • Putting practice at least an hour long & near, up & down, break left & right.

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