Types Of Saw That You Can Find On Market

Chainsaws have various types and functions, some of which cut wood, plywood, iron or pipes. Incorrectly choosing the type of saw can make bad cuts, jams, even blades quickly blunt and broken. The appearance of a wood cutting saw is generally large with a rough saw blade and a distance between the eyes of a saw blade. While the iron cutter saw has a finer saw blade with a closer distance between the saws.

Below are some types of saws that you can find on the market. Before that, you can get the best corded electric chainsaw from electrichainsaw.com.

– Jig Saw
Jigsaws are chainsaws used to cut (mostly wood) with any shape from straight lines to curve. It is small and can be held with one hand. The saw blade moves back and forth (up and down). This sawing machine generally has a number of teeth averaging between 1 to 6 teeth per inch with HSS material with a saw blade length between 300 mm to 900 mm and a 1.25 mm to 3 mm thickness.

– Circular Saw
Circular saw is a chainsaw that cuts the process with a fixed workpiece condition, a blade or cutting tool rotates on a horizontal axis at a certain speed to produce cutting speed, the feeding speed also results from a horizontal movement of cutting tools, this is generated by pushing the handle that is bound at the spindle house.
The saw blade diameter reach 200 mm to 400 mm and a 0.5 mm thickness with the accuracy of the serenity of the circumference of the dish has a height between 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm.

– Coping Saw
The coping saw type can be used to cut complicated shapes in narrow parts of plywood and board. The saw coping saw is small, thin and sharp.

– Handsaw
Cutting saws and wood beam splitters are called handsaw or ripsaw. This wood saw is designed to cut wood with a directional vein. If blunt wood eyes can be sharpened with a special file

– Crosscut Saw
This type of crosscut saw is used to cut wood transversely. This saw has smaller balance teeth. For various jobs, artisans usually use crosscut number 8.

– Backsaw
Small backsaw saws are perfect when used to make diagonal cuts such as making a connection between a picture frame or a closet.

– Keyhole Saw
The keyhole saw is small and specifically designed to cut narrow parts.

– Hacksaw
Hacksaw is a metal cutting saw that can be used to cut hard or hard pipes. The saw blade is smooth and the distance between the saw blades is tight.

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